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Welcome to our Black Friday Expo! A “Live” streaming network designed to host an unlimited amount of talent, creativity, knowledge and skill within our community Live and simultaneously. Each week we seek to attract new content and show providers. You can support the presenters and/or become a live Host to promote your brand, share an agenda, spread the truth and earn additional income. Unity is the Key for making better use of our collective buying power of 1.3 - 1.5 Trillion Dollars. We aim to support that effort.

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Be sure to review the next tab (Viewing "Live" streams?) below to enjoy the full experience of the "Watch Live Now" link.

If you are planning to view live streams on the Black Friday Expo page, you must first complete one of the options listed and then revisit our site from within the choice you made below.

For Desktop/Laptop...

1. Install and enable 'Adobe Flash Player' plugin on your browser.

Instructions Here

2. Or, install the "Puffin" browser.


For Mobile device...

Android - Download "Puffin" browser. The free version allows use after watching promo video. Purchase to get ad free and better performance.


Apple - Download "Puffin" browser. Iphone users must purchase the app ($4.99 one time payment) to view live streams.


1. Be sure to follow the viewing instructions above first, afterwhich, touch & hold down finger for one second over each channel to view currently active live streams on mobile device or just mouseover on desktop/laptop.

2. Unmute/Mute each stream at bottom right corner of player.

3. Enlarge to full screen at the bottom right corner of player.