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To Promote...

The Black Friday Expo is a united live streaming network of black owned businesses who we call “BlackStreamers”. It is designed to attract and support the circulation of our money within our own community. Each week we feature an unlimited amount of BlackStreamers in unison on our platform. BlackStreamers benefit from utilizing numerous free Apps for live streaming on our custom streaming server and can be seen live simultaneously on multiple social media platforms with one touch of a button.


To Protect...

We have “BlackWatch”, a live surveillance feature developed by BlackStream.Live for private or public safety, protection and prevention. With the rise of hate crimes, police brutality, domestic violence, sex trafficking, etc., we are seeing the use of mobile device technology as a self defense instrument, however, if the footage is only stored on the device it can be deleted or destroyed. BlackWatch helps eliminate this liability by capturing and storing each live stream on the device as well as independently on our server for immediate downloading, sharing or reviewing. Become a BlackWatcher today to secure your family, friends and community.


To Voice...

Trusting social media for communication and live streaming has become problematic with our community in times of emergency. The increase of banning, ghosting and censoring of the truth on social media is the reason we must control our own media outlets for delivering the truth, the freedom of expression and for our voice to be heard. This is why it is imperative that BlackStream.Live remains as an alternative source for providing real time communication.

Unity with Technology
The  Team @ BlackStream.Live