Desktop/Laptop Viewing & Livestreams

1. Make sure your browser is up to date.

2. Livestreams: Make sure "Adobe Flash Player" is installed, up to date and is "Enabled" in settings/plugins. See help here Flash Player

3. If you have trouble viewing/streaming, you may need to clear your cache. Please download the free version of CCleaner, push "Analyze" and then "Run Cleaner". Download.

Mobile Device

Mobile device Livestream Viewing

1. Touch and hold to "Copy" the entire URL address (Live streaming link) from the top of your web browser like the example above.

2. Click "Go Mobile" (below) to download free App. After which, a new (Puffin) icon will appear on your device home screen.

3. Open new App (Puffin) and follow the simple set-up options. Open a new browser tab and "Paste" in the same link you copied in the URL Address area (top). Push "Live" button (if necessary) to view stream.

If you have already downloaded this App, please follow step 3. Push "X" to close.

Go Mobile
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