$100 Holiday Special


Please select the day(s) you would like to purchase for the Black Friday Expo virtual events. Purchase four days to receive a full month of service. After payment, you will receive via email your assigned channel, streaming credentials and instructions on how to stream live.

Black Friday Expo - BrownEyezTV

After payment, please send email (below) containing the following:

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  • 1. Business/Name to be listed - Required
  • 2. Event Date(s) you paid for - Required
  • 3. Buy Now/Donation button link
  • 4. Website address
  • 5. Contact number
  • 6. Social Media links
  • 7. Send Channel Logo/Image as an attachment



Send Email




Choose App

Download Free App of your choice:

For Desktop users, we recommend:
For Mobile users, we recommend:



Open App, look for custom “RTMP Server” and locate the “Settings”. Copy and paste your new streaming codes (Stream/Server URL and Stream/Name Key) highlighted red in your email. They MUST be entered EXACTLY as received with no spaces or errors in order for it to work. See video below.


Go Live

Testing Your Stream:

When streaming from a mobile device, use a separate device to view your live stream. When streaming from a desktop, “go live” and then open the page where your stream is located to view your channel live.



An ”Error” message automatically appears until a stream connects. Once a live stream has been started, wait about 30 seconds to push the “play button icon” that appears within the video player. Refresh your browser to check for a new connection.