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Promo Video

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Powerful Event

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Alkaline Wellness Session (the elements)

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Health & Wealth Empowerment Retreat

Winter Equinox Tour pt. 1

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Alkaline Lifestyle Wellness Retreat 2021 pt. 2

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Alkaline Lifestyle Wellness Retreat 2021 pt. 3

About Us

After years of servicing the community Brother Rojo decided to pool his resources and contacts taking community outreach to the next level. He not only created Powerful Pioneers to provide like-minded people with an opportunity to network, build relationships and grow. But most importantly to create a movement to empower, restore and rebuild communities and their community members. Standing on the belief that true health is wealth and that it takes a village to restore & enhance the community, he has partnered up with various businesses and entrepreneurs. Enabling him to bring empowering, informative, inspirational & entertaining services and resources to uplift families and communities.


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