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About Me

Hello to all,

Raymond G. Moore is originally from Bronx New York who grew up in Teaneck New Jersey. He graduated from Virginia State University while also performing in the VSU Marching Band who went on to perform at Honda Battle of the Bands in Atlanta performing in front of 30,000 people. He majored in Businesses management with a focus on wealth development for all and entrepreneurship. The business department admired Raymond’s skill set when it came to public speaking and teaching. Therefore, the business division of VSU let Raymond spearhead the financial education unit where he trained and hired students to become financial leaders of tomorrow. In New jersey, Raymond had the privilege to speak at the 100 Black Women members organization, community centers, Essex Community college, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School for Men’s & Women’s day, and the Young Men’s Leadership Summit at Teaneck High School where he hosted workshops for students on how to save/invest and the utilization of proper insurance applications for a beneficial life. Raymond is apart of the National Campaign for Financial education (with World System Builders parent company Aegon) who is affiliated with more than 400 financial learning centers across the US and Canada, teaching financial literacy to over 30,000 families monthly. Their complimentary workshops are being conducted on a weekly basis at learning centers, nonprofit organizations, business’s, and homes as well as online. Raymond’s vocation is teaching and helping others with the application of sound financial principles and strategies that one can use in everyday life. The process of understanding financial principles is not only learning the information but also applying it to be effective. To learn more, click on these workshops and other underlined topics below.

During these workshops, you will learn about:

  1. How to create a social enterprise business around the need for financial education. 
  2. Comprehensive Estate Planning: Generational Wealth (Wills and Trust).
  3. Financial Strategies (401k/403B: how to protect it for individual, family, and Business owners).
  4. Building Cashflow (learning how to have a private pension).
  5. Proper Protection (Insurances you need for family and businesses).
  6. Retirement Planning (Tax advantages to not lose money in the market).
  7. College Planning (parents and 8th graders and above).

Raymond G. Moore: Financial Education Specialist: Connect on Linked-IN (